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Frequently asked questions

This promotion offers 20% off the original price when switching from any CAD tools. 

The promotion is applicable for following GstarCAD versions:

  • GstarCAD Standard

  • GstarCAD Professional 

You must be a current user of any CAD tools (other than GstarCAD).   

You must provide us with a valid serial number of the CAD tool that you are currently using. 

Users are eligible to purchase one new license of GstarCAD corresponding with a valid serial number (other CAD tools). 

For example:

  • If you own 1 x CAD license, you can enjoy 1 x GstarCAD license with (20% OFF) 

  • If you own 5 x CAD licenses, you can enjoy 5 x GstarCAD licenses with (20% OFF) 

Terms & Conditions

This offer is valid for Singapore region and limited time only. This offer CANNOT be used in conjunction with any other promotions.